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A Chance to be Sorry, Forgiving those who are not sorry, by Nel Bennet.

Forgiving those who are sorry for hurting you is one thing but what about forgiving those who are not sorry and who blame you for your own pain... and for theirs?

Nel tells her story of surviving abuse in childhood, of finding comfort in her Christian faith and of eventually finding the courage, in her forties, to confront her abuser via the legal system.

Nel’s story offers insight into the wide-reaching effects of abuse, into reporting an abuser and around how she finds strength, through her Christian faith, to forgive those who are sorry and those who are not sorry for their part in it all.

This is a book of two-parts. In the first part Nel tells her story, sparing the reader the explicit details.  In the second part Nel shares her research and the understanding this has given her, which includes a list of resources and contacts for help.


Cover: Softback

Pages: 179

ISBN 9780992606398

A Chance to be Sorry - Book by Nel Bennet